General Research & Education Fund
Research, education, and humanitarian aid.
General Research & Education Fund
Help support research, education and humanitarian efforts with the
General Research and Education Fund

The General Research and Education Fund is the basis of the RCI Foundation Canada. The fund exists to support research projects, education and the resulting dissemination of that information as a contribution to the building envelope industry as a whole. We also use funds from this fund to aid in humanitarian efforts, like our recent donations to the Salvation Army, and to aid relief workers offering their services to vicitims of hurricanes.

Are you looking for funding for a research project or educational tool? The RCI Foundation may be the perfect fit for you, as we're always looking to the horizon for new ways to help our industry. Please visit our page for Grant Seekers for information on how you can submit a request to be reviewed by our board.

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The RCI Foundation Canada has gained approval from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) as a recognized charitable organization.
As such, all donations may be tax-deductible as specified by law. Please contact your tax advisor for additional information.