RCI Foundation Canada
Board of Directors

Albert J. Duwyn, F-IIBEC, RRC - President

IRC Building Sciences Group
Mississauga, ON

E-mail: aduwyn@ircgroup.com

Ted Sheridan

Ted Sheridan, F-IIBEC, RBEC, RRC, REWC, RWC, PEng - Treasurer

Fishburn/Sheridan and Associates
Ottawa, ON
E-mail: Ted@fsaeng.com
Patrick Banning
Patrick Banning
IRC Building Sciences Group Inc
Mississauga, ON
E-mail: pbanning@ircgroup.com
Richard Voyer
Richard Voyer
Soprema Canada
Drummondville, QC
E-mail: rvoyer@soprema.ca

Ralph Paroli

Dr. Ralph Paroli - Secretary

National Research Council Canada
Measurement Science and Standards Portfolio
Ottawa, ON
E-mail: ralph.paroli@nrc.gc.ca

Marc Allaire

Marc Allaire

North 49 Alliance
North York, ON
E-mail: mgallaire23@gmail.com
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The RCI Foundation Canada has gained approval from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) as a recognized charitable organization.
As such, all donations may be tax-deductible as specified by law. Please contact your tax advisor for additional information.